The Writing Life in 140 Characters or Less

In a recent New York Times article, Anne Trubek looks at why authors tweet. She discusses the relationship between the author and the reader and how that’s changing due to modern technology: “At their best, social media democratize literature and demystify the writing process.”

Although Trubek’s article stays mostly with the author/readers, I also enjoy following authors and interacting with them as fellow writers. Okay, maybe interacting is a strong word here. But it’s heartening to see that famous and talented writers like Shannon Hale or Sara Zarr might be in the middle of revisions or having a hard time balancing writing/real life or cheering over good reviews. Tweets can be a reminder that a writer’s life is work, even if you’re an accomplished author. And this endears me to these writers even more.

Obviously, Twitter can also be an important marketing tool. But I think it works best for writers when the writer genuinely enjoys tweeting and understand what he/she can provide to his audience through that kind of contact.

Which authors are you following?

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  1. Mindy R says:

    The first author I ever connected with online (and I’m talking a one-way connection, here) was when I happened on Sarah Dessen’s blog, and I realized that she and I were both pregnant at the time. It was neat to read her blog, which was a mix of writing stuff and baby stuff. Definitely de-mystified her as a person, I feel like I’m a part of her books because I was “there” from the beginning. Or, that’s how it feels anyway. 🙂

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